Yorkie Cost – How Much Are They? (With Real Breeder Prices!)

Yorkshire Terriers—or Yorkies for short—are compact, toy-sized dogs with long silky fur and big personalities. Yorkies are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are sought after for their small but sturdy size, friendly demeanor, and low-allergen coat.

However, Yorkies are on the expensive side when it comes to dog breeds. You can expect to pay a premium for your Yorkie puppy due to the careful breeding they require, small litter size, and incredible popularity.

And this is why you’re here—to find out exactly how much you need to pay to get your hands on a Yorkshire Terrier. So…

How much does a Yorkie cost?

A Yorkie’s cost depends on where they come from, their bloodline, gender, and the documentation they come with. A quality AKC-registered pup typically costs between $2,000 and $2,500. Backyard breeders usually charge around $1,000. And you can expect to pay upwards of $10,000 for a show-quality Yorkie from a champion bloodline.

Actual Yorkie Breeder Costs

BreederLocationPrice Range
Empyrean Yorkie’sNorman, IN$2,000-$2,500
Kelshire YorkiesJohnstown, CO$3,000
Sandsgolden Retrievers and YorkiesMiddletown, NY$2,700-$3,000
Remarkable YorkiesEllington, MO$1,000-$2,500
AAA Yorkshire TerriersMoneta, VA$2,000

How much does a teacup Yorkie cost?

While you may find conflicting information out there, “teacup” is just a tag given to undersized Yorkies. While a healthy Yorkie puppy is usually between four to seven pounds, a teacup Yorkie is four or under.

Many breeders will attach the “teacup” title to their pups just to charge you more. That’s right—the common perception is that these smaller dogs are actually worth the higher price.

On the contrary, many experts recommend paying less for such under-sized Yorkies as they are likely to be inbred and may be prone to higher rates of health problems.

All in all, teacup Yorkies usually cost just about the same as regular Yorkies, between $900 and $10,000.

On the higher side of that spectrum, you will find Yorkies bred from American Kennel Club champions and ones with careful, well-established bloodlines. However, beware of scammers trying to overcharge for these under-sized pups. Many breeders tack on a premium of thousands of dollars with no justification other than the tagline “teacup.”

And on the lower end of the spectrum—be very wary. Anything below $900 is likely to be a bad deal, and possibly an unethical one. Breeding Yorkies takes work, and breeding healthy teacups takes even more. A too-good-to-be-true price probably is. When you try to go too cheap on a breed with potential health problems, you risk purchasing a dog that will live an unhealthy and expensive life.

If you want a cute, tiny Yorkie, be prepared to do your research on the breeder and ask about health documentation.

Because of the daintiness and risks associated with these extra-small teacup Yorkies, be prepared to pay more than usual. Luckily, with the higher cost (and extra research) comes a better-bred dog that is more likely to live a healthy life and save you thousands in vet bills down the road.

Why are Yorkies so expensive?

First off, breeding purebred puppies takes time, expertise, and money—and toy dogs can be especially pricey and difficult.

For example, a toy-sized dam may need to get a c-section to safely give birth, costing upwards of $1,000. During pregnancy and after giving birth, the dam needs constant care and attention. And—breeders that are doing things right—have already paid for health and genetic testing or the dam and sire well before breeding begins. All of this work and testing factors into the price of each individual pup.

On top of all this, small breeds like Yorkies tend to have fewer offspring. While larger breeds can have up to a dozen pups in a litter, a Yorkie usually whelps just one to five. Put simply, the same work goes into the breeding process, but fewer puppies come out. That means more expensive puppies.

Lastly, Yorkies are just very, very popular dogs! With their popularity comes high demand. Because so many want to get their hands on them, they are priced higher than less in-demand breeds.

Why are female Yorkies more expensive?

The first, and most obvious reason, is that females can be bred. Someone paying for an expensive female Yorkie could potentially breed it, sell the puppies, and make big profits. This makes females more valuable.

For breeders, a female will almost always generate more money than a male unless he is a champion sire or an exceptional specimen.

However, it’s common to see females be priced above males even when a spay/neuter contract is in place. Why?

Well, some of it comes down to the unfounded belief that females are easier to train. While there is no evidence for this notion, many still believe it. On the other hand, many owners simply prefer the temperament and personality of females over males. Males, being generally more aggressive and territorial, are often snubbed when it comes time to pick the family dog.

And again, we come back to supply and demand. The majority of owners are buying females, which drives the price up a bit.

How much is a Yorkie without papers?

It’s possible to save some money and get yourself a cheaper Yorkie by buying one without papers.

A Yorkie without papers typically costs between $300 and $800.

“Backyard” breeders usually haven’t invested as much time and effort into breeding as the reputable American Kennel Club breeders. They don’t run very sophisticated operations and are often willing to negotiate.

However, beware when buying “backyard”. While a bargain is always appealing, it’s important to understand how essential proper breeding is. When it comes to Yorkies, puppies from breeders who cut corners or blatantly disregard proper practices are bound to have health problems.

While not all small or local breeders cut corners, it’s important that you do some research and make sure the parents of your pup have been tested and treated properly.

For those who want a Yorkie for cheap and want to avoid disreputable breeders, consider adopting one. Respected adoption and rescue organizations can charge anywhere from $100 to $700 as an adoption fee, compared to $1,000+ from a standard breeder.

Through adoption. you can make your Yorkie dreams come true, save some money, and give a rescue dog a happy home, all at once.

Well, That’s A Wrap!

Although Yorkie puppies are pricey, almost anyone can get one if they know where to look.

On the high end of the price spectrum, meticulously-bred puppies (even ones with champion parents) can be easily found through the American Kennel Club or other reputable breeding organizations. But for these Yorkies, be prepared to pay a pretty penny, upwards of $2,000.

And if you are on the market for a Yorkshire Terrier but don’t want to spend thousands, you can search for reputable local breeders or reach out to a shelter or adoption organization. Just be sure that whatever breeder you choose is following the best breeding practices.