Review of the Best Water Buffalo Horns for Dogs

Does your dog have a reputation for killing toys indiscriminately? Instead of putting your dog on toy probation, try rehabilitating them with water buffalo horns. 

In this article, we will tell you all about these healthy, tough, and inexpensive chews and provide you with a guide to our absolute favorite horns, including our top pick…

QT Dog Water Buffalo Hornz 2 Pack


What Makes a Water Buffalo Horn Worth Purchasing?

You probably stumbled upon this article because you have a dog with a serious chewing habit. It can be both frustrating and expensive to constantly replace dog toys.

It’s impressive how quickly an overzealous chewer can shred a toy to pieces, sometimes on the same day it was bought. Even worse, dogs with a passion for chewing can take that energy out on our furniture, clothing, and shoes. 

Chewing is an instinctive habit, so trying to punish it out of your dog can be a completely fruitless endeavor. Luckily, we have some good news to share. 

These chews are a great, natural, and healthy alternative to regularly marketing toys. Besides having the endurance to slow your dog’s chewing down, they are 100% digestible.

Instead of panicking when you realize the squeaker in your dog’s toy has gone completely rogue, you can feel rest assured that chews are designed to be eaten.

For what I like to call “Professional Dog Chewers”, you need a chew that can keep them preoccupied. Water buffalo horns are an excellent investment if your dog is notorious for destroying toys within minutes. 

Besides having the endurance to handle your dog’s constant chewing, they are great for your dog’s teeth and gums. They’re also inexpensive, low fat, and high in protein. If you want to give your dog water buffalo horns, be sure to supervise your dog while they chew away on their new toy.

The horns can splinter and break into small sharp pieces, and though they are designed to be easily digested, it is not safe for your dog to swallow pieces that may be sharp or a choking hazard. 

What Are Your Dog’s Chewing Habits and Health Concerns? 

Some dogs grew out of their puppy chewing phase, while other dogs decided to make a career out of it. For dogs that like to chomp away on toys or other items, chews are a great alternative for burning off all that chewing energy. However, there are several different types of chews, and they each have their own particular characteristics and benefits.

Depending on your dog’s chewing habits, one chew may be better suited for your dog than the other. Strong chewers are better suited to antler, horn, or bone chews. Dogs that rarely chew will do well with cornstarch and other soft chews. 

Another aspect to consider before rushing out and buying a chew for your dog is their overall dental health. Dog chews are an excellent way to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy, but they can be painful for dogs that haven’t had their dental health routinely maintained.

If your dog has painful gums or brittle teeth, you may want to discuss with your veterinarian whether a chew will do more harm than good for your pup. 

Size of the Chew

You know the old saying, size isn’t everything, right? Well, that’s not the case when it comes to dog chews, especially those like water buffalo horns. Water buffalo horns generally come in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

It’s important to purchase a size that is appropriate for your dog’s mouth. If the chew is really small and practically disappears in your dog’s mouth while they chew it, then it’s not the right size.

Water buffalo horns that are too small can definitely be a choking hazard, so it’s highly recommended that you take the size of the horn into consideration. 

Types of Chews

There are a lot of different chews on the market with their own benefits and safety risks. We are going to briefly share with you the different types of chews, so you can be better informed about which may be best suited for your dog. 

Hard Chews

Hard chew toys are extremely popular and can be purchased almost anywhere where dog toys are sold. They typically are bone shaped and are made of either nylon or plastic. They are generally inexpensive and are great starter toys for young puppies who are in the teething stage. 

However, if your dog is an award-winning chewer, you should probably consider upgrading to a different kind of chew. Hard chews, despite their popularity, can be easily destroyed by dogs that love to chew. Light chewers shouldn’t have trouble gnawing on hard chew toys, but these chews are not recommended for dogs that chew relentlessly. 

Rubber Chews

Rubber chews are a common toy in most pet stores and you’ve likely walked by them many times when buying your dog’s supplies. Rubber chew toys are hard to destroy and some have the option of inserting treats.

Dogs who enjoy rubber chew toys often enjoy having the rubber flex in their mouths when they bite down on it. There are several different brands of rubber chew toys, and a number of the most popular ones can be found in chain stores or online. 

Dental Chews

Dental chews have come a long way over the last several years. Now, almost all dental chews are 100% digestible. Dogs typically enjoy the minty taste of dental chews, which are designed to keep their breath fresh and clean smelling.

I think we can all get behind a cause for better smelling dog breath! Dental chews are also specifically designed for helping clean your dog’s teeth, so if your dog has some issues with plaque build-up, a dental chew may be something to consider. 

Natural Chews

Water buffalo horns fall into this category. Natural chew toys are great for dogs who tend to destroy their toys and ingest some of the parts. Natural chews are designed to be digestible and they are normally packed full of great nutrients.

Natural chews include bully sticks, rawhides, cow hooves, animal bones, and horns. If your dog is a strong chewer, then natural chews are definitely the way to go. Dogs really love natural chews because it gets their natural instincts moving and grooving.

What could be more irresistible for dogs than getting to chew on a toy that is actually made from the animal that produces beef or pork? 

Before we start our guide, here is a video of a dog enjoying her water buffalo horn. This video also provides an example of one of the sizes that water buffalo horns can be purchased in.

The size of this horn appears to be appropriately balanced with the size of the dog, and she’s not having any trouble dragging and carrying it around to her dog bed.

Clearly, Kendra is loving it!

Our Favorite Water Buffalo Horns

#1 QT Dog Water Buffalo Hornz 2 Pack


If you have a small to medium-sized dog who loves to chew, then the QT Dog Water Buffalo Hornz 2 Pack is for you. For the quantity and price, you really can’t beat this deal. These small water buffalo horns are loved by all dog breeds, from small Chihuahuas or Catahoulas to Labradors.

Since you have four horns at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about rushing to the store or paying extra shipping to get your dog a new horn after they’ve finally gotten through one of them. One horn alone will keep your dog busy for days or weeks!


  • Affordably priced
  • The four-pack includes four small horns
  • Enjoyed by all dog breeds
  • Can be filled with treats such as peanut butter
  • Many reviewers felt that the horns lasted longer than other common chews, like deer antlers
  • Can last several weeks to several months, depending on the tenacity of the chewer
  • Several reviewers advised that their dogs were less aggressive and possessive of the horns in comparison to other chews, like rawhides 


  • The four-pack only comes in size small, which may not be ideal for large or extra-large dogs
  • A few reviewers advised that the horns had a small order when wet, though this generally was not a common complaint 
  • Small particles can break off on furniture when chewed

#2 ABO Gear Outback Jack Water Buffalo Bully Horns


ABO Gear has a great reputation among dog owners with dogs who love to gnaw on natural chews. The Outback Jack Water Buffalo Bully Horns by ABO Gear comes in a three-pack, and includes a small, medium, and a large horn.

They are comprised of 88.4% protein and contain 89% less fat than beef. The horns came from free-range and grass-fed water buffalo. They are safe for all life stages, contain no chemicals, preservatives, or additives, and are 100% natural.

The shape helps with positive chewing habits and promotes healthy gums and teeth. 


  • Three pack includes three sizes: small, medium, and large
  • Almost entirely protein-based with a total protein percentage of 88.4% 
  • Extremely low fat and is a lean and healthy chew
  • Great for all life stages including the puppy stage
  • 100% natural
  • Horns are from free-range and grass-fed water buffalo
  • Helps promote healthy gums and teeth
  • Reinforces positive chewing habits
  • Most reviewers reported that they were odorless and did not stain carpets or furniture 


  • Some dogs reportedly showed little interest in the horns unless they were stuffed with treats 
  • A few dog owners advised that the bones began splintering within an hour or so, though this wasn’t a common issue
  • The variety pack may not be ideal for large dogs since a small horn is included 

#3 White Tail Natural.s Huge Water Buffalo Bully Horn (1Pack)


If you’re looking for a large water buffalo chew for your dog that will last, then this one by WhiteTail Naturals is a great option for you. These horns are ideal for dogs 20 pounds and up. They are free of additives, preservatives, chemicals, and grains.

They can be used for puppies all the way up to senior-aged dogs, though extra supervision is recommended. They are excellent for keeping teeth and gums healthy and building strong jaw muscles. These horns come from 100% free-range buffalo and are rugged chews that your dog will love.  


  • Two-pack includes two large horns
  • Ideal for dogs weighing 20 pounds and up
  • Can be given to puppies and senior aged dogs, though added supervision is recommended
  • High protein treat
  • Low in fat for a lean and healthy chew
  • No additives, preservatives, or chemicals
  • 100% natural
  • Grain-free
  • Sourced from free-range water buffalo
  • Great for promoting strong and healthy teeth, gums, and jaw muscles
  • Can insert treats, like peanut butter or other spreads


  • Buyers complained that the horns smelled when wet

#4 Top Dog Chews 3 Pack Natural Water Buffalo Horns


We wanted to include another multi-pack on our list since many of us have more than just one dog in our household. The Top Dog Chews water buffalo horn three-pack includes three natural horns in multiple sizes.

Buyers were enthusiastic about the longevity of these horns, as well as the minimal smell. Reviewers included owners of Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Terrier breeds, and puppies. Several buyers reported that the small horns were not so small that their dogs were unable to safely enjoy them.

Supervision is still highly recommended. 


  • Reasonably priced
  • Three pack includes a small, medium, and a large horn
  • Can be enjoyed by many different dog breeds, as well as dogs in the puppy and senior life stage
  • 100% natural
  • High protein and low fat 
  • Horns are from free-range water buffalo
  • Advertised as non-abrasive
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums 


  • Some buyers were disappointed that their chews were hollow, after seeing what appears to be a solid horn in the manufacturer’s advertisements
  • A small number of dog owners complained that the horns splintered quickly, though this was not common 

#5 QT Dog Water Buffalo Core Chews


We decided to save this three-pack for last because it’s a slightly different take on the water buffalo horns we’ve discussed so far. 

One of the common apprehensions dog owners have when considering a water buffalo horn chew is the risk of splintering. To remove this risk entirely, QT Dog came out with a water buffalo interior horn chew

The core is much softer than the outside shell and is easier to chew. The cores include all of the great benefits of the outer horn chews and are high in protein and low in fat. They have a crunchy texture that your dog will enjoy.

They are easily digestible and are free of soy, gluten, wheat, grain, glycerin, and corn. This particular three-pack includes three medium-sized horn cores at a great value.


  • Affordable price
  • Three pack includes three medium-size horn cores
  • The core is much softer and easier to chew than the outer horn shell
  • 100% digestible
  • Free of soy, gluten, wheat, grain, glycerin, and corn
  • Minimal to no risk of splintering 
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Helps keep teeth clean and promote healthy gums


  • Only includes medium-sized horns, which may not be ideal for small dogs or puppies
  • Cannot be stuffed with threats 

Putting It All Together

Some dogs treat chewing like it’s a professional sport. This comes as no surprise since dogs are hard-wired for chewing. For dogs that have an intense desire to chew and destroy, natural dog chews are a great and healthy alternative to most other regular dog toys.

Water buffalo horns are especially good for professional chewers. They are composed almost entirely of protein and are exceptionally low in fat. They help keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy and also promote positive chewing habits. 

Our personal favorite, the QT Dog Water Buffalo Hornz, is a great quality product at a hard to beat price. The pack includes four durable horns that will keep your dog preoccupied for days.


A single horn can last for months so you might as well put the rest of the pack up for safekeeping because it could be awhile. Dogs love water buffalo horns because they are tough and feel good on their teeth. Besides, dogs also like the feeling of chewing away on something that is 100% natural. 

If you’re going to give your dog a water buffalo horn, we recommend supervising your pup while they chew it. Water buffalo horns carry the risk of splintering, and despite being 100% digestible, sharp [peces can cause choking or internal lacerations.

However, with some supervision, these chews can be easily enjoyed and will keep your personal belongings safe from your dog’s insistent chewing habits. 

We hope that our article has given you helpful information and insight into why water buffalo horns are a good option for avid chewers. We also hope that we have provided you with the tools you need to make a confident purchase.