Best Sweaters for Keeping Your Boston Terrier Warm

Boston Terriers are tiny, short-haired dogs that don’t love cold weather and need some extra help to stay warm during colder months.

When it’s time for your dog to outside for walks, and it’s cold and rainy, one of the best ways to keep them warm and protected is to put them in a sweater for Boston Terriers.

Best Sweaters for Boston Terriers 

Everyone loves a cute Boston Terrier sweater, and luckily, most of these doggos tolerate wearing clothing well. Your pup needs a sweater for the cold weather, and we’ve got a few in mind that are perfect for keeping him warm and dry. 

Gooby Fleece Vest Pullover

We are obsessed with the Gooby Fleece Vest Pullover for Boston Terriers. This company understands that terriers are shaped differently than your average small dog and determines the best sweater size based on your dog’s chest width, neck circumference, and length.

The fleece sweater for dogs is soft, warm, and made from 100% polyester so that no moisture can breach the clothing. One of the best features of the Gooby sweater is its easy on-off capabilities with no zippers or Velcro! 


  • Easy on and off
  • More than 20 colors to choose from 
  • O-ring feature on the back that leash can be attached to for short walks
  • Machine washable and dryable 
  • Accurate sizing tailored to Boston Terriers


  • O-ring is sewn onto sweater and can be ripped off if your dog pulls frequently
  • Material is not stretchy so getting it over your dog’s head can be difficult if you don’t get the sizing right

This pullover fleece sweater for Boston Terriers is our favorite because they are super warm and leave plenty of room for going potty without making a mess.

Because there are no straps or zippers, it is important that dog owners pay attention to the sizing details before purchasing, but you won’t find a dog sweater warmer or more functional than the Gooby. 

Bobibi Plaid Sweater

BOBIBI Dog Sweater of The Diamond Plaid Pet Cat...
  • Dog Sweater Size XS:Back length 8.5,Chest length 11.8",Neck length 7.9"
  • Warm, soft and lightweight.

When you want your Boston Terrier to look stylish and gentlemanly, the Bobibi plaid sweater for Boston Terriers is a great choice. There are three color options to choose from—Navy and grey plaid, orange and dark brown, and black and yellow.

These sweaters look bulky but are lightweight, soft, and super warm. There are five sizing options available, but these are best suited for small or medium-sized Boston Terriers. 


  • 100% acrylic yarn 
  • Windproof 
  • Slightly stretchy
  • Stylish design 
  • Stretches over dogs’ hips


  • Not waterproof or water-resistant 
  • To get accurate sizing. You’ll need to know back, chest and neck length for your dog

There is nothing better than seeing a regal Boston Terrier dressed up in a warm, plaid sweater looking like an ivy league professor. These sweaters look great and keep your doggo super warm and comfortable but are not waterproof, so care should be given in the rain or snow. 

Vecomfy Dog Hoodie

Vecomfy Fleece Lining Extra Warm Dog Hoodie in...
  • Material:Extra Warm(Fleece Lining+Polyester filler for warmth),keep super warm in the the cold...
  • Dog hoodie can protect dog's ear and head,avoid ear being cold in the outdoor;

Everyone loves a cozy, warm hoodie, and your Boston Terrier will love one as well. The Vecomfy Fleece and Cotton Hoodie is super warm and features a hood to protect your dog’s ears and head.

We love how easy it is to get this dog hoodie on and off and that there is a leash hole in the neck so you can walk your dog while still using their collar. 


  • Hood with ear protection 
  • Fleece and Cotton lining for extra warmth
  • Six sizing options
  • Size chart for accurate sizing 
  • Lightweight 
  • Durable 
  • Breathable 
  • Snaps and elastic for easy on and off


  • Not waterproof 
  • Only offered in three colors—red, pink, and blue 
  • Does not cover the entire backside of a dog

Boston Terriers and other dogs can have extremely sensitive ears, and we adore this hoodie for its ultra-warmth and hood that protects pups from blistering cold weather and potential frostbite. However, the hoodie only goes to the hips and does not cover the full backside of most dogs. 

Chborless Dog Sweater

CHBORLESS Pet Dog Classic Knitwear Sweater Warm...
  • Soft fleece material dog sweaters,keep your pet dog/cat warm and comfortable
  • Cute and adorable cat/dog winter clothes for your lovely sweet pet, make your pet more attractive

The Chborless dog sweater is a lightweight cotton-blend sweater that is perfect for a bit of insulation at bedtime or in the cooler months. The sweatshirt for dogs is made of a soft, cotton blend and is designed specifically for smaller sized dogs.

There are six size options from xx-small to XL and twelve different color options to choose from. 


  • Cute with lots of color options
  • Lightweight cotton blend perfect for pajamas or spring 
  • Fashionable jersey knit look
  • Designed specifically for small dogs 


  • Not suitable for winter weather wear
  • Not waterproof 
  • Not wind resistant 
  • Pullover style with no buttons or straps

Depending on your Boston Terrier’s personality and temperament, pullover sweaters might not be the best option for your pooch.

This style of sweater involves putting their front legs through the armholes and pulling the neck hole over the dog’s head, which can be a scary and uncomfortable feeling for some dogs.

We love that this casual sweater for small dogs is lightweight while still being super cute and adding a layer that is suitable for indoor wear or cooler days. 

The Basic Dog Hoodie

Basic Dog Hoodie - Soft and Warm Dog Hoodie...
  • Size:The Size of the dog sweater is S Neck Girth 14",Chest Girth 18",Back Length 12".Before...
  • Premium Soft and High Quality material:The dog is made with super comfortable polyester with soft...

The Basic Dog Hoodie might be the coolest hoodie for dogs on the market though it sports such a simple style.

Includes slit on neck area making connecting your pup’s leash a sinch. Choose from 6 colors and 7 different sizes.


  • Stylish and Fashionable 
  • Hood for ear protection 
  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Sporty look 
  • Great color options 


  • A short length that does not cover the dog’s rear end 
  • Not waterproof 

Hoodies are adorable on dogs, and the extra ear protection can go a long way in keeping your Boston Terrier warm in cold weather; however, these hoodies only reach the hip length and do not cover the rear end of your dog.

This is convenient for going potty and keeping warm on fall or spring days, but might not be the best choice for below-freezing temperatures. The sweater is also machine washable but 100% cotton so washing on cold water is recommended to prevent shrinking. Take care not to wash with white as the colors may bleed.

Does My Boston Terrier Really Need Clothes?

Not all dogs need to wear coats and cute sweaters in the Winter, and some owners like to dress up their pooches just for the cuteness factor; however, there are a few breeds, like Boston Terriers, that need the extra help in staying warm in the winter.

Shorthaired dogs are not protected against the wind, rain, and cold temperatures the same way that long-haired dogs are. A Boston Terrier’s fur is short and thin and cold weather can leave then shaky, and uncomfortable in freezing temperatures. 

Boston Terriers are also prone to skin conditions such as allergies, and cotton sweaters and shirts can benefit your fur-baby by keeping allergens off their skin. If your terrier is scratching a lot or as red, dry skin, sweaters, and shirts for dogs are often an excellent solution for managing skin conditions. 

What Size Sweater is Best for My Boston Terrier?

Finding the perfect sweater for a Boston Terrier can be difficult because while the dogs are rather small, they feature a broad chest and shoulders, which can cause dog clothes to be ill-fitting.

Buying a doggy sweater online can be challenging mainly when sweaters for dogs are often expensive. There’s nothing more frustrating than opening up the package and finding the doggy clothes you ordered won’t fit and need to be sent back. 

You can use these size recommendations when shopping for Boston Terrier sweaters, but always make sure to check the size chart provided by the manufacturer for cross-referencing.

  • 3-6 pounds – Extra Small 
  • 6-15 pounds – Small 
  • 15-25 pounds – Medium 
  • 25-35 pounds – Large 
  • Over 35 pounds – Extra Large 

You might also find sweaters for Boston Terriers that are customizable. For those, you may need information on your doggy’s exact measurements such as neck circumference, chest girth, breadth of chest, and the length and flank of the terrier.

Use a measuring tape to record the information. While measuring, you should leave a space for one finger between the body of your dog and the measuring tape to ensure clothing will not be too tight. 

The Overall Best Sweater for Your Boston Terrier Is…

Our choice for the very best sweater for your Boston Terrier is the Gooby Fleece Vest Pullover.

We love that the sweater features an O-ring design, which is super convenient for dogs that stay most of the time indoors and might not like wearing a collar.

There are also so many colors available that every pet owner should be able to find the perfect reflection of their dog’s personality. We also love that the fleece pullover sweater for dogs is wind and water-resistant which is great for days with sleet, snow, or rain.

No matter which of these sweaters for Boston Terriers you choose, the important thing is that you’re a good dog parent. Your pup needs to be kept warm, and without the thick coat of fur that other breeds have, the next best thing is a fleece sweater.

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