What Training Equipment is Used for Schutzhund?

Schutzhund training equipment is essential. The right equipment assists a trainer to teach your dog. Many dog owners are curious about what a Schutzhund trainer needs.

What training equipment is used for Schutzhund? Schutzhund training requires a lot of equipment. A good working leash, heavy-duty line gripper used for wooded areas, dog dumbells for your dog to carry in his mouth, and an adjustable leather lead are just some of the equipment trainers use with protection dogs

Of course, this is just a shortlist of Schutzhund equipment used for training. Keep reading to learn all the equipment a trainer needs for Schutzhund. 

Essential Schutzhund Training Equipment

Schutzhund training requires specialized equipment to train protection dogs. The trainers spend hours working with a dog teaching him to obey, be a good tracker and defend. Schutzhund training takes months, usually starting from the time a dog is a puppy.

The equipment is necessary to teach the dog the skills he’ll need to protect an individual or a family. Here is a list of some of the most used equipment Schutzhund trainers use for training.

Dog bite sleeve

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The trainer works with the dog while his helper, wearing a dog bite sleeve, tries to agitate the dog into biting him. The bite sleeve the helper wears has a padded burlap cover so he isn’t injured during the training.

The dog grabs the sleeve and holds on even if the trainer’s helper yells or pushes the dog. Bite training teaches the dog control when apprehending a bad guy. 

Training lines

Trainers use a short leather leash, around 3 feet long, and a long line, usually 33 feet in length and made out of nylon. They are used throughout the training as a dog learns different commands.

Heavy-duty gripper lines

Gripper lines are made out of nylon and used for tracking. They are perfect for heavily wooded areas, or rough terrain. They don’t get tangled up as easily when the dog is running through thick overbrush. 

Dog dumbbells

Wooden dumbells are used to teach a dog to retrieve and jump over a wall. The dumbells come in all sizes, usually, you want one that is right for the size of your dog.

Most trainers wrap the dumbells in a thick cloth to cover the wood. This helps the dog have a soft mouth and keeps the dumbbell in better shape. 

Leather agitation harness

An agitation harness is made out of leather or nylon with straps that go around the dog’s neck and down his chest in between his front legs and around his chest. This harness gives the trainer better control over the dog during agitation training to get a dog to bite, grab or hold on.

A strong agitation drive is crucial for a protection dog so he’ll not shy away from but go after an intruder. 

Schutzhund jump 

Protection dogs must be able to jump and scale a wall or fence. These training jumps are adjustable and totally safe for dogs. Schutzhund dogs aren’t trained to jump until they’re at least a year old or older.

This is because dogs aren’t fully coordinated until this age. Schutzhund jumps are set low at first, then are set to a higher level over time. Trainers use jumping exercises to motivate a dog to jump.

Tracking articles

Tracking articles are used in tracking training when a dog must follow a bad guy’s tracks or identify articles set on the path. These tracking articles are made out of various materials. Leather is often used as the first tracking material. Because it holds a scent well. 

Leather Tracking Articles Leather Tracking Articles No ratings yet

Nylon apron

These are worn by the trainers for protection.

Bait bags

Bait bags are worn by trainers during the training process. These bags hold a dog’s food treats. The bag is accessible and nearby so the trainer can reward a dog immediately for following a command.

Fur saver collar

This is a choke collar made out of stainless steel links draped over the dog’s head. This collar keeps the dogs’ fur on his neck from getting flattened. 

Three Different Levels Of Schutzhund Training And What Equipment Is Used

Schutzhund training has three levels: tracking, obedience, and protection. In each of these training levels, different equipment is used. Here is an overview of each level and which equipment will be used for the level.  


This level tests a dog’s ability to be trained and follow a scent with endurance and energy. Nylon lines or grippers are used for the dog’s leash. The trainer may have a preference about which one to use.

A fur saver or a harness is also used during the tracking phase of training. Tracking articles will be laid along a path for the dog to follow. The trainer will wear a nylon apron for protection and carry a bait bag to reward the dog. 


The obedience level of Schutzhund training tests a dog’s temperament and willingness to work. A leash, collar and special toys are treats that are used during this phase of training. Dumbbells are also used to train the dog to jump and retrieve. Different jumps or walls are used at various locations to motivate the dog and keep him interested in the training. 


This is the last phase of Schutzhund training. It tests a dog’s courage, strength, and agility.  A dog must be able to listen to the trainer during all the commands. The dog will go through a series of exercises.

One is to find the helper who is hiding, bark and hold the helper until the trainer comes. The helper will wear the bite sleeve for protection, scratch pants, and a scratch jacket to prevent getting injured. 

That’s A Wrap

Every phase of Schutzhund needs unique equipment. During each stage, special equipment will help the trainer teach the dog what he must learn to pass the test. Once he has passed all three tests he is a certified protection dog. It’s a major accomplishment for a dog to complete Schutzhund.

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