Gentle Leader vs Easy Walk

Pulling while on a walk can be frustrating for both you and your dog. I have found that having more control over your dog will help not only you but others feel comfortable around your pup.

Finding relief for a dog who pulls can be a game-changer when it comes to taking your pup out in public. 

In this article, we are comparing the Easy Walk Harness with the Gentle Leader Head Collar as two great options to help you and your dog work as a team by redirecting their attention when they pull.

The Easy Walk is a harness that will discourage your dog from pulling by turning them to the side and redirecting their attention to you. The Gentle Leader is a head collar that also redirects your dog’s head to you when they pull to stop the behavior. Many collars that prevent pulling can cause harmful pressure to your dog’s throat causing injury. Both the Easy Walk and the Gentle Leader are great alternatives. 

We will cover both of these great products and compare their features, benefits, uses and tackle some common questions. 

Easy Walk Harness by PetSafe


The Easy Walk is a harness that runs around your dog’s chest and torso with a martingale loop placed on the dog’s chest. The leash is attached at the front and as your dog pulls, the harness tightens and turns the dog’s body in the direction of the leash (and you).

Since the harness is around your dog’s chest, there is no choking or gagging as you might find when using a traditional collar.

The Easy Walk is easy to fit as it comes in many sizes and has quick snap buckles that allow for a quick release once you are safely back home. This harness is also simple to use and allows for your dog to start walking with ease immediately.

No matter the breed of your dog this harness can be fitted and does not have a restriction on the type of muzzle your dog has. 

Features And Benefits

  • Discourages pulling on a leash 
  • Comfortable for your dog and easy to fit 
  • Martingale loop to help prevent twisting
  • Quick snap buckles for easy release
  • Works well on dogs with short snouts
  • No choking or gagging
  • Minimal training required

Common Questions About the Easy Walk

  • When off-leash, can my dog run with the harness on? Yes, the Easy Walk has no effect on the dog when there is not a leash attached allowing your dog to run and play.
  • Can I use this harness to secure my dog in the car? No, the Easy Walk is only designed for supervised walks and play and can not be used as a restraint in the car.
  • Will the Easy Walk teach my dog not to pull? Not necessarily, your dog will be deterred from pulling while on a leash but the Easy Walk does not train the pulling out of your dog.

Easy Walk Video

Gentle Leader Head Collar


Imagine your dog was the one being pulled around during walks. My guess is that they would probably end their behavior quickly. Well, the Gentle Leader does just that. 

The Gentle Leader is a head collar that runs high on your dog’s neck and then around their muzzle with a slip style lead to your leash. When your dog pulls, the slip is tightened and their head is redirected towards you and they are discouraged from repeating the action.

The headcollar is high enough on your dog’s neck to not put pressure on their throat and turns their head immediately. With some simple conditioning to make your dog comfortable with a strap on their muzzle, your pup can walk with ease in no time.

Features And Benefits

  • Reduces pulling, lunging and jumping
  • Great training tool for heel
  • Provides immediate yet gentle control 
  • No harsh pressure to the dog’s neck 
  • Gently redirect the head and body

Common Questions About the Gentle Leader

After using the Gentle Leader can my dog go back to a normal collar? Yes! The Gentle Leader is a great training tool for your dog to understand a heel. Once your dog knows the verbal commands you are able to use a normal collar. 

My dog has bitten on occasion, will the Gentle Leader deter biting? No, the Gentle Leader is only a tool used to stop pulling and is not a muzzle. 

Can my dog slip out of the Gentle Leader? Not as long as it is fit properly. Ensure you have the correct fit according to the manufacturer and you should have no problems. 

Gentle Leader Video

Easy Walk vs Gentle Leader Comparison

When to Use Each

You may want to use the Gentle Leader when you are headed out to a busy place and need a little more control, where the Easy walk can be great for a quick walk around the block or to the park. Taking your dog to the vet might be a good time for the Gentle Leader while the Easy Walk is a great fit for a long stroll. 


The Easy Walk is sized by measuring your dog’s chest girth and width. The Easy Walk comes in 8 sizes allowing for you to get the best fit. It has 4 adjustable points to ensure a snug harness.

The Gentle Leader is sized based on your dog’s weight.  If you have a short-snouted dog the Gentle Leader may not be the best option since the lead goes over the muzzle. If your dog has a large neck you may need to size up to ensure the collar will fit. 


Fitting both the Easy Walk and the Gentle Leader are simple steps. Each comes with great instructions and you can easily adjust the straps as needed. We recommend adjusting during your first walk and after a week of use. Some of the nylon material will stretch over time so make sure you still have a snug fit before heading out.

Both the Easy Walk and Gentle Leader should be fitted to the recommended tightness in order for the products to be the most effective. 

Training Required

When training your dog on an Easy Walk they pretty much just need to get it on and you are on your way. No training needed. The Gentle Leader, however, might take a little positive reinforcement for your dog to become comfortable wearing something over their muzzle.

Once your dog is comfortable with the fit of the Gentle Leader they can walk with ease and you can enjoy your time together. 

Be Aware

The Gentle Leader may have people asking “Is that a Muzzle?” This is a common misconception and something you will need to consider when choosing the right product for you. Some people do not understand that the Gentle Leader is used to stop pulling as it is placed over your dog’s muzzle.

If you are worried about this you might want to go with the Easy Walk. But remember it is your preference and the Gentle Leader is a great and humane tool for gaining confidence with your dog.  

Can you Use Both? 

Both the Easy Walk and the Gentle Leader are relatively inexpensive tools and it might be worth trying both! They are not to be used at the same time but you can give them both a try and see what works best for you and your dog.

You may even find that you want one over the other in different situations. 

Additional Tips

When working with a dog to stop pulling, these training tools will help but always remember they are to be used in addition to behavior modification techniques. Working with your dog to learn a heel will greatly help your pooch understand where they need to be and help them ease up on pulling.

Once you have mastered the verbal heel command your pup can transition back to a normal collar if you wish. Ensure you have high value treats to reward when your pup is by your side. 

Here’s To Enjoyable Walks!

Both the Easy Walk Harness and the Gentle Leader Head Collar are great tools for helping you walk a dog that loves to pull. They both work by redirecting the dog’s attention back to you and away from what they are pulling to.

The Easy Walk is a great harness that allows for a smoother walk for both you and your dog with a simple fit and easy adjustments. The Gentle Leader is also a great tool for the strongest pullers that allows immediate correction and provides a more precise direction. 

Remember, no matter the situation we hope your pulling dog will benefit from one or both of these recommendations. We see easy-breezy walks in your future!