Dog House Heaters That Will Have Your Pup Thanking You!

Even though dogs are adaptive and resourceful, they sometimes need a little help from us to stay warm during those cold wintery nights. Heaters are an effective way to keep your dog’s house warm when the temperature starts dropping. 

We’ve put together a list of favorite dog house heaters, including our top pick, the K&H Deluxe Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet BedBut we know some of you just want the results of our review.

A Quick Glance at the Best Dog House Heaters:

What We Recommend – Choosing the Right Heater

There are several different kinds of heaters that can be used in an outdoor dog house. Depending on the outdoor structure and climate your dog lives in, one heater may be better suited for you than the other. We are going to briefly discuss the different kinds of heaters below, as well as general characteristics you should consider before purchasing a heater for your dog’s outdoor house.

Microwavable Pads 

Microwavable pads are the most affordable heater option. They require no electrical outlets or internal and external wiring. They are safe and ideal for dog owners on a budget. Many of them can last from 8 to 12 hours. 

They are ideal for locations with milder winter climates. Since they are heated entirely from microwaving and not from a constant heat source, they are not adequate for extremely cold temperatures. 

Electric Box Heaters

These types of heaters are great for outdoor structures like dog houses. They can be mounted to the house itself or another solid structure. They can run the entire night and use minimal energy to heat. They can heat an entire dog house for hours, so even in the coldest temperatures, your dog will feel warm and toasty.

Heated Pads, Mats, and Beds

There are a number of heated pads, mats, and beds on the market today. They are designed for comfort and can have removable covers that are often washable and made with soft materials. 

They are great to put inside a dog house since they not only keep your dog warm but give them a nice place to sleep. However, heated pads, mats, and beds should not be in a location where they can get wet unless they come with a weather-resistant cover. However, like any electrical item, water should always be avoided. 

When is a Heater Needed?

Some dog breeds can handle the cold, but in general, most dogs are not well adapted to frigid temperatures. Older dogs can be especially susceptible to the cold because they naturally produce less heat than younger dogs. Short-haired dogs can also be prone to getting a little chilly when the temperature gets low. 

It’s also highly recommended that you keep pregnant dogs and young puppies warm during the winter, especially if they are outside for extended periods. Young puppies are especially fragile. If you are wanting to purchase a dog house heater for a pregnant dog or puppies, you may want to consider using multiple heater types. 

A popular method used by dog owners is utilizing a heated pad and a stand-up heater. Heating pads are great, especially for tiny puppies. If you want to use multiple heat sources, such as a stand-up heater and pad, make sure you keep the stand-up heater at a distance so you don’t cause the dogs or pups to overheat. 


The amount of power your heater requires is highly dependent on location and climate. If you live in a location with intense or prolonged winters, then you will want to buy a heater that has more power. However, you do not want to pick a heater that will make your pup feel like they are sweltering inside their dog house. Power is important, but do not feel like you’ve got to make the room a sauna. Gentle heat is best for their health and is much more comfortable. 


The majority of heaters require some type of electrical source. Microwavable pads are generally the only non-electrical heaters that you’ll find online or in a local store. If your dog sleeps outdoors, then you may need a heater that can run for at least 8 hours. More electricity equates to more expensive power bills. Thankfully, many heaters today are designed to be energy efficient. However, you should still check the label to see what the average energy costs are before picking out a heater. 


When the temperature starts inching below 40 degrees, then it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to keep your dog warm. Your dog may become sluggish, anxious, and uncomfortable in extremely cold temperatures. If it’s not safe for you, then there’s a good chance that it’s not safe for your dog either. 

Heaters are an excellent way for both temporary heat and long term heat. They can be used throughout the night or for brief cold spells. Look for heaters that have built-in safety features. This may include automatic shut off features, chew-resistant cords, or protective heat shields. These features should be especially considered if your dog will be sleeping all night with a heater and without supervision. 

Outdoor Capabilities

Another key characteristic to consider before purchasing a heater for your dog’s house is to ensure that it’s safe and designed to function in the outdoors. Not all heaters are designed for outdoor use, so you don’t want to just pick up any heater you see on the store shelf. Since heaters often require electricity, harsh weather conditions can be an issue. The nastier and wetter the weather is, the higher the risk is that your heater may malfunction. 

Manufacturers typically advertise whether their heater is safe for outdoor use. Heating pads, mats, and beds should be water-resistant. Electrical wires should have a good and reliable cable that won’t suffer if it gets wet or left outside. If your dog sleeps outdoors in a structure, like a barn or a garage, then you may be less concerned about how the weather may affect your heater. However, it’s definitely recommended that you purchase a heater that is designed to be outdoors or has water-resistant or waterproof materials. 

Here is a great video of how you can utilize multiple sources of heat to keep your dog’s outdoor house warm. In this video, the narrator discusses the weather conditions, comments on the age and breed of her dogs, and the different types of heaters that she uses in each of her dog kennels.

 Our 6 Favorite Heaters & Pads for Dog Houses

1. K&H Deluxe Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Dog Pad Tan Large...
  • OUTDOOR WARMTH: Outdoor heated dog bed with soft orthopedic foam base and includes free soft...
  • KEEP PET COMFY: Thermostatically controlled to automatically respond to temperature changes to warm...

The K&H Deluxe Outdoor Heated Bed is our favorite because of its indoor and outdoor functionality, warranty, and inventive design. The heating pad is designed to harness your dog’s natural temperature to spread and insulate heat. This enables the heating pad to be much more energy-efficient. If your pup needs a little extra warmth, you can simply increase the temperature of the bed, and you’re good to go. Your dog will love snoozing on this soft orthopedic bed. 


  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • One-year warranty
  • Bed uses your dog’s own body heat to spread and insulate warmth
  • Has an option for increasing the temperature if your dog needs additional heat
  • Uses very little energy
  • Soft materials
  • Orthopedic mat


  • Does require some type of outlet and may require additional extension wiring if the outdoor structure if far from the home 

2. Aspen Pet Self Warming Bed

Petmate Aspen Pet 80138 Self Warming Rectangular...
  • HEAT-REFLECTING TECHNOLOGY: This large round dog & cat bed features a Mylar interior layer that...
  • LARGE PET BED: The comfy faux lambswool pet bed for dogs & cats is designed with plush sides for...

I love taking naps just as much as my dogs do, if not more, and nothing feels better than snuggling into a warm bed on a cold evening. The Aspen Self Warming Bed is both warm and cozy and can be used indoors and outdoors. 

It has a fleece cover, so your dog will feel right at home while snuggling into it. The fleece cover is also removable for easy washing. It is available in several sizes and multiple color options. It’s a great dog house heater and at a great price. 


  • Well-priced
  • Available in several sizes and color options
  • Cozy fleece cover for additional comfort and warmth
  • The fleece cover can be removed and washed
  • Can be used indoors or placed inside an outdoor structure 


  • Not machine washable 

3. RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad

RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad, Electric Heating Pad for...
  • Heating Pad for Dogs and Cats: Fourth generation heating pad suitable for senior pets, arthritic...
  • Auto Power Off Function Pet Heating Pad: Time setting 1-12 Hour Heating pad will be powered off when...

The RIOGOO Heating Pad made our list because not only is it warm and comfortable, but it has several built-in safety features. The heating pad has an automatic shut-off function that can be set to turn off anywhere after 1 to 12 hours of use. It has a chew-resistant cord, which would make any dog owner let out a sigh of relief. It also includes an inner temperature sensor to keep it from overheating. With a one year warranty and at an affordable price, it’s a tough option to beat!


  • Affordably priced
  • Can be set to automatically shut off after 1 to 12 hours of use
  • Removable polyester cover
  • Chew resistant cord
  • One year warranty
  • Inner temperature sensor to prevent overheating


  • Designed primarily for indoor use, so not ideal in outdoor structures where water may get to the pad

4. De’Longhi Thermic Panel Heater

DeLonghi Mica Panel Space Heater, 1500W quiet...
  • QUIET HEATER - Best for medium and large rooms, the 1500-watt Mica Panel Heater quickly delivers...
  • MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY - This De’Longhi heater converts 100% of the electricity used into heat when...

We’re going to switch gears slightly and introduce a new type of heater. The De’Longhi Thermic Panel Heater has several built-in safety features and is an efficient and affordable way to heat up an entire dog house. It automatically shuts off if tipped over and includes a thermal shut off feature to prevent overheating. 

It can be hung on the wall of the dog house or stood up on the floor or on top of another surface. It has two heat options with multiple in-between heat settings. If your dog sleeps in a large dog house and your climate is exceptionally chilly, then this may be the best option for you.


  • Automatically shuts off if tipped over
  • Has a thermal shut off function to prevent overheating
  • Includes a carry handle and detachable wheels
  • Can be hung from a wall and ceiling or stood up on the floor
  • Has two heat settings
  • Can be adjusted to six different in-between setting options


  • Some reviewers complained of an odor, though the odor generally disappeared  after the first use

5. Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Furnace

Hound Heater by Akoma Pet Products | 300w Dog...
  • LONG LASTING: The Hound Heater Deluxe lasts for years (100,000 on/off cycles) and is powered by...
  • SAFE CONSTRUCTION: Features heavy duty chew-proof cord and rounded corners for added safety. An...

The Akoma Hound Heater is a favorite heater for many dog owners. It is energy efficient and can heat up to 75 cubic feet. 

It is thermostat controlled and has a protective heat shield. It’s simple to install and is ideal for dog houses and outdoor shelters. It uses only 300 watts of energy, so if you need a constant source of heat, then look no further.


  • Protective cover and spring cord for safety
  • Thermostat controlled
  • 300-watt heating
  • Heats up to 75 cubic ft
  • Great for dog houses or other outdoor shelters
  • Easy to install
  • Uses little energy


  • Cover can get very warm, so you may need to put another shield or box around it to keep your dog from brushing up alongside it
  • Does require installation, though it is relatively simple and easy to install

6. Heat Storm HS-1500-IMO Portable Infrared Heater

Heat Storm HS-1500-IMO Portable Infrared Heater,...
  • This portable 1500 watt infrared heater has the power to heat up to 1000 sq. ft (w/supplemental...
  • Our patented heat exchanger with HMS Technology combines with humidity in the room to provide soft,...

The final recommendation on our list isn’t called the “Heat Storm” for nothing. The Heat Storm Portable Infrared Heater uses a 1,500-watt heating coil to heat up to 1,000 square feet. It’s portably designed so you won’t have to struggle with lugging it out to your dog’s kennel or dog house. 

It includes an energy-saving mode and remote control with easy to read LED display. Though the Heat Storm is not designed specifically for pet use, it’s a perfect option for large dog houses, kennels, or outdoor structures like barns or garages. 


  • Portable design
  • Remote control with easy to read temperature LED display
  • Includes an energy-saving mode
  • 1500 watt heating coil
  • Can heat up to 1,000 square ft


  • Not specifically designed for dog houses, though it is a great heater for warming up any space

Let’s Piece It All Together

During exceptionally cold or prolonged winters, you should take the time to ensure that your dog’s kennel or dog house is kept warm throughout the day and night. Heaters are one of the easiest ways to keep your dog feeling comfortable during harsher weather conditions. Our favorite, the K&H Deluxe Outdoor Heated Bed, can be easily inserted inside a dog house or pulled out into the living room floor. Its cost-efficient because it harnesses your dog’s natural body temperature to warm the bed. The orthopedic and comfortable design makes it an ideal option for dogs with joint pain and is a perfect bed for constant use. 

As stated before, there are multiple types of dog house heaters. Depending on the type of dog house your pup uses, and the kind of cold weather they frequently come into contact with, our favorite may not be the best option for you. 

Larger heaters are best for colder climates and when you need to warm an entire dog house, while heating pads and beds are perfect for milder winters and keeping the warmth centered on your dog. 

Whatever option you decide to go with, we hope that we were able to get you started on the right path towards your new perfect dog house heater.

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